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Diving & Snorkelling

The underwaterworld in the Caribbean is a natural marvel. The extensive coral reefs are alive and abundant with marine life in relatively shallow water (10-80ft) making its magic accessible to guests aboard Invictus be they snorkelling or diving. Sharks (nice ones!), turtle, lobster, rays, spotted drums to name but a few all swim contently just beneath the surface.

The boat carries sets of snorkel gear and up to 8 sets of dive gear. Captain William is a certified PADI Instructor and will lead all dives guiding guests through hard and soft coral habitats. The BVI's also has some of the best wreck diving in the world!

If guests are new to diving then William is happy to take them through the PADI Discover Scuba Diving course or complete a referred Open Water Course. Just let him know what you require in advance and he can make all the necessary arrangements to ensure the best experience for all.

Should only snorkelling be more the desire of guests, no problem! Top-of-the-range snorkelling we have in the BVI's and Invictus will be sure to stop at any number of thrilling protected sites.

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